Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adjusted Photo Comparison

Here is my Behemoth...i just wanted to try adjusting the original to see if details were more clear...

What do you think?

Miniature Photo Backdrop

After checking out my photos this morning...I feel they are rather dark.

In the future i think i will set up a white / beige background to shoot against so the colours pop a bit more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dwarf Lords - Group Shot!

This was a nice shot showing the group / colour scheme...thought it was worth posting!

KHADOR Army - Behemoth!!

Truly a HUGE 'miniature'.

This one is a work in progress to date...i have a rather large force of Khador Miniatures that are underway. I love the Russian / Soviet colour scheme that is more or less based on the Privateer Press originals on the box...of course i am adding my own splashes here and there.

I have alot of Warmachine Mini's and really i cant get enough of them..they have great detail and are a lot of fun to paint...I cant wait to get this army painted and posted!

Comments + Suggestions are welcome!

Dwarf Lords Painted and Ready for Battle!

Here are a couple of completed Dwarf Lords that i have from a fairly large Dwarf Army that i have yet to finish! There are just too darn many sometimes - my fault!

I have done quite a few different miniatures sice these dwarfs have been painted...a small part of me wnts to strip everything down and redo them...but i wont. I figure its nice to look back and see progression...that way you know you are getting better!! Funny thing is, the rest of the army will be looking good and these will be...just ok.

Protectorate of Menoth - Priest Painted

Here is my first posting - a ALMOST complete Menoth Priest miniature - the base needs to be added to and finished up.

I love the colour scheme on this miniature - very much like the 'factory' versions suggest...i used primarily GW paints and finished the model up with the NEW Citadel washes...they ARE AWESOME!

This army is my first priority over the next few weeks. i hope to have all the sets complete about mid check back!

Comments / Feedback / Suggestions are welcome....